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Chick Lit in the Media

“The 7 Best Literary Heroines of All Time” by Jessica Seigel, Glamour, September 2010

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"Chick Lit 101," by Wallace Yovetich,, July 15, 2010

"The Devil Wears Old Navy: Can Chick Lit Survive the Recession?" by Amy Benfer,, August 13, 2009

"More Gumption, Less Gucci" by Ruth La Ferla, New York Times, August 12, 2009

"Bridget Would Hate Her" by Karen Brooks, The Courier Mail, May 27, 2009 (Australia)  

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“Epicurean Bean Paste,” by Yang Sung-hee, JoongAng Daily, August 18, 2006 (Korea)

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A Real-Life Bridget Jones,” by Leyla Linton,, July 2, 2006

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Chick Flicks in the Media

"Girls on Film" by Renyi Lim, Marie-Clarie, March 2011 (Malaysia)

"The Mother of Reinvention" by Ruth La Ferla, New York Times, September 24, 2009

"'Jane Eyre,' 'Emma' and ... 'Legally Blonde?'" by Angelia Joiner, Reporter-News (Abilene, TX), March 19, 2008

"A Few Minutes with Mallory Young, author and Tarleton State professor," by Michael H. Price, Fort Worth Business Press, March 17, 2008